Limescale Removal

Oil coolers and heat exchangers in many manufacturing facilities are very crucial in everyday operations. They are designed to transfer heat in the form of kinetic energy from one liquid to another. While transferring heat, the oil cooler or heat exchanger, over a period of time will collect limescale and rust on the waterside of the unit.

When we flush out your oil cooler or heat exchanger, we do not have to dismantle or remove the exchanger from your operations.
1. By-pass heat exchanger from operation.
2. Remove the existing water in the exchanger. This MUST be done, to ensure proper results.
3. Disconnect the water in/out connections from the cooler/exchanger.
4. Attach the necessary hoses to in/out connections on the cooler/exchanger to our "flushing unit".
5. Circulate the ScaleAwayTM descaler through the oil cooler/heat exchanger to remove the limescale build-up.
6. Once the circulation has been completed, we flush the cooler/exchanger with water to remove any insoluble material.

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