Water Filtration

Protect your water cooled or water heated equipment from impurities that may cause blockages in your factoriesí water reticulation system. Blockages in your water chillers, oil coolers, heat exchangers and even your moulds, could cause huge financial losses.

Installing water filters, sieves, screens and/or footvalves WILL reduce the risk of water fouling substantially!

Why subject your equipment to such abuse?
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Blocked oil cooler on injection moulding machine
Blocked oil cooler on injection moulding machine
Breakdowns, high product reject rate, unplanned shutdowns, process contamination, and expensive parts replacements etc... Are a direct result of water fouling!

Donít wait for blockages to occur, contact us today to install a filtration solution to fit your specific requirements! Preventative maintenance is less costly than loss of production and equipment repair or replacement.

We supply and install the following fitration systems:
              Disk Filters
              Screen Filters
              Sand Filters

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Two single filters for double pump configuration Double filter set-up for single pump configuration

Contact us TODAY for all your water filtration advice, purchases, services & repairs!

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