Limescale Build-up

Lime or other salts are found in almost every water source in their dissolved forms. In common language limescale is responsible for hard water.

Depending on the amount of lime/calcium carbonate, the dissolved carbonic acid and the temperature of the water, the minerals precipitate and start to crystallize. In other words it deposits on surface areas of your oil cooler or heat exchanger.
This phenomenon can cause substantial problems for technical applications. The deposits reduce heat transfer in heat exchangers and lower the efficiency of the heating installation/cooling system quite significantly.

If limescale deposits are left to accumulate, water flow is restricted and piping and heat exchanger tubes become plugged. Ultimately, ignoring scale depositions can lead to the destruction and possible failure of heat exchanger tubes. In addition to loss of efficiency, process contamination can occur.

Huge financial losses to industries are a result of breakdowns, unplanned shutdowns, process contamination, high product reject rate, expensive parts replacements etc..

Increasing pressure losses and decreasing flow rates are other symptoms associated with limescale build-up.

The industrial descaler provided by ScaleAwayTM, is specifically formulated to remove scale from heat exchangers. This proprietary formula is non-corrosive on construction metals and has a copper protection compound in it.

Removal of Limescale from oil coolers/heat exchangers
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