We specialize in the following piping solutions to the manufacturing, processing and production industries, focusing on cooling towers, industrial water chillers & compressors:

  • High Pressure uPVC Piping from 50mm to 200mm (Class 9 - Class 20).
  • Galvanized Piping from 15mm - 100mm.
  • Welded Seamless Piping from 25mm - 200mm.
  • Installation of Industrial Cooling Towers.
  • Installation of Industrial Water Chillers.
  • Insulation of Water Chiller Pipelines.
  • Limescale Removal from industrial heat transfer equipment.
  • Sales and service of:
                   Water Filtration & Ion-Exchange Water Softeners.
                   Water Treatment Chemical Dosing Systems.
                   Oil Coolers & Heat Exchangers.
                   Cooling Towers and Water Pumps.

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